Health Soaks

HEALTH SOAKS at Nearing Total Health

Detox Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are perfect for relaxation and detoxification.

Nearing Total Health offers Clay Detox Soaks, Aromatherapy Soaks, and and Magnesium Soaks in Large tubs in a private room to help you reach total health. Make an appointment for ultimate relaxation and wellness by visiting our online scheduler.

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Clay Detox Soaks

Clay Detox Soaks are 8 minute sessions up to full 20 minute sessions. These baths are made of Bentonite Clays with natural herbs and spices to help assist with the detoxification for specific toxic conditions.
According to the Magnetic Clay Bath’s website (, “The World Health Organization has acknowledges environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases.”

1We offer different Clay Detox soaks for specific issues:

  • Clear out Detox Clay-Relieves Muscular and Joint Pain, increases circulation, calms nerves, and helps digestion.
  • Arsenic Detox Clay
  • Aluminum Detox Clay
  • Mercury Detox Clay
  • Radiation Detox Clay
  • Smokers/Drug Detox Clay
  • Tox Away Detox Clay
  • Natural Detox Clay-only clay and no herbs or spices for sensitive patients and clients
  • Formaldehyde Detox Clay
  • Lead/Copper Detox Clay

Herbal components assist in issues with parasites, allergies, anxiety, mood, memory, and more!

View full descriptions of each clay soak (PDF)

These clays can help with Detoxing the body of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, industrial pollution, food preservatives, plastic residues, artificial fragrances, various carcinogens, wood preservatives, toxic paints, tiles, ceramics, automobile exhaust, toxic cosmetics, toxic household cleaners, and other everyday toxins we get from deodorant and refined flours!

To learn more on the benefits, how toxicity happens, and more on these clays, please make an appointment and start detoxing your body today!

Magnesium Soaks

Nearing Total Health ServicesMagnesium Chloride is used to restore cells, hydrate the skin, heal wounds, decrease inflammation, increase relaxation, stress relief, relieves achy muscles and joints, relieves psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, and other skin conditions.  Great for athletes and anyone with muscular and other soft tissue injuries.

Magnesium is essential to the body and influences nearly all the body systems. Magnesium is able to absorb into the body through the skin. The Skin can self regulate absorption so no need to worry about overuse.

Soaking in our Magnesium will not cause loose stools, diarrhea, or cause GI upset that ingesting Magnesium can sometimes do.  Our Magnesium comes free of lead, arsenic, and fluoride.

Studies have shown that heavily toxic individuals show a deficiency in magnesium therefore magnesium baths are also included in our detox programs.

Aromatherapy Soaks

We use High quality essential oils from Young Living in our Aromatherapy Soaks. There will be different essential oils to pick from to make your soak specific for you.

  • Soak in the evening after a long day before you go to bed to help assist with a good restful nights sleep.
  • Come in early to soak before your massage to help gets those muscles relaxed and ready for therapy.
  • Soak to help relieve sore achy muscles.
  • Soak to help relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Soak at Nearing Total Health because you can’t fit in your tub at home.
  • Soak to sweat and detox your body.

Whatever your reason is for soaking, Nearing Total Health is here to make your total health that much closer! Make an appointment for your health soak today.

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