Nearing Total Health Services

Cash Prices; call for pricing with insurance 360-972-2524

Acupuncture $80

Aroma Therapy Soaks (20 minutes) $34.00

Chiropractic (call 206-322-9355 for pricing and scheduling)

Clay Detox Soak (20 minutes) $40.00

Hyperbaric Chamber (call clinic at 360-972-2524 for introductory pricing)

Magnesium Soak (20 minutes) $34.00

Massage 60 minutes $80.00 (prompt pay discount) – We can bill insurance and have prompt pay discounts if no insurance or limited benefits. Call office for details.

Tummy Temple

Yoga (60 minutes) $10.00 or 5 for $45

Buti Yoga (60 minutes) $10.00 or 5 classes for $45

NTH Wellness Program (monthly) $40- includes 2 gallons per day of Kangen water, 10% off of the infrared sauna and soaks, and $35 hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions.

Nearing Total Health is committed to bringing you services from trained and licensed professionals that enhance your health and overall well being. From yoga and hot core classes, to massage therapy and naturopathic medicine, we have something for everyone.

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Massage Therapy & Reiki
Naturopathic Medicine
Blood Draw
Skin Care
Yoga Classes
Clay Detox Soaking Tubs
Buti Yoga and Hot Core
Magnesium & Aromatherapy Soaks
Infrared Sauna
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


 Be sure to contact us if you have any questions!