Do you need a detox?

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Do you have any of these issues?

Need to detox?Weight Gain, Inflammation, Acne, Cysts, Depression, Tiredness, Lack of Energy, Body Odor, Sleeping disorders or lack of good restful sleep, Constipation, Joint Pain, Allergies, Blotchy Skin, Dry Skin, Headaches, Decreased Physical Appearance, Lack of Sex Drive, or Anxitey?

All reasons why you NEED a Detox or a cleanse for your body!!!!!

There are many more “issues” that can arise from a toxic body and so many ways that your body can become toxic. Unfortunately the list above is common for most of us and can or will lead to disease or cancer.

At Nearing Total Health you have many options for the cleansing and detoxification for your body. Full Detox Programs will be available in August and coming soon to our web site! Myself (Jessie Nearing), Dr. Wieser  our Naturopath, and Stephanie Sears our Nutritionist will be doing the Basic Detox program in July to make sure it’s it’s “Right on” before we put it out to our Patients. Please check in on us with our progress!