Kangen Ionized Water Introduction

The Kangen Ionized Water class consists of a presentation of the three properties of the ionized hydrogen rich water.

During this free class you will learn about the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), the PH balance and usage of the 7 PH selections on the SD 501 Enagic Ionizer machine, and the Micro-Clustering changes of the water molecule by electrolysis @ 230 volts through 7 titanium Platinum coated plates.

Also discussed with be the medical implications and usages for optimal outcomes. Finally, cost analysis and various purchase options will be presented.

There are handouts and free 9.5 PH water is offered during the class.

The 1 hour Kangen Ionized water class will be held by appointment and is 100% free of charge.  To schedule your seat at this class, please call us at (360) 972-2524.