Tummy Temple at Nearing Total Health

Tummy Temple offers Specialty Naturopathic services including Signature Colon Hydrotherapy, Naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy, and Coffee Enemas.

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Ask About Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber!

H3 Hyperbaric Chamber

When patients experience a “dive” in the hyperbaric chamber they have a large window for looking out while they relax.

Nearing Total Health is proud to announce that our hyperbaric oxygen chamber is ready for business!  We require a referral for the use of the chamber and we are happy to get you scheduled as soon as possible!  Save $20 per session if you join our monthly wellness program! Each dive will be $55 for 1 hour or $35 for wellness members.

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Did You Know That Nearing Total Health Offers Chiropractic Care?!


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